Stanford Mowers Website

Stanford Mowers, South Australia's largest stockist of lawn mowing equipment approached me to refresh their website.

This was my first website design since completing my Graphic Design, Digital Design Considerations and various other modules at University. So I was really excited to get the chance to apply visual hierarchy, colour theory, and all the other things I have learnt.

Stage 1 of the project was to simply remove the old design, which to be honest was a little clunky and outdated.

Making something Unique

When researching my design I googled thousands of lawn mower sites, OK maybe not thousands, but it felt like it. One thing became really clear, they were almost all exactly the same. Very predictable and very unmemorable. I was keen to break the mould.

Stanford have a very unique bee logo, one they love. At first I kind of hated the bee, it was extremely hard to work into a design. I decided to flip the design on it’s head, so instead of working the bee into the design I decided to make the bee the centre of the design and use the bee where ever possible. I started playing with some interesting colour palettes and a very cartoony feel to the website. I put the bee on ride on mowers, got him (or her) pushing lawnmowers.

The result is very unique, hopefully memorable. One I’m very proud of.

Applying Basic Design Principles created a 30% increase in user engagement.

The old design displayed the products in tiles, taking up the entire home screen and a similar amount below the fold. I simply moved the products into a list. This single design change improved user engagement by 30%, we are currently making some more changes, I’m hoping for a 200 or 300% increase when the design is finished.

The above graph is really quite exciting for me. Can you tell when the new design was applied? Although it’s possible to design your website yourself, it’s simply not going to have the impact of a professionally designed site. Keep in mind the previously site was also professionally designed, design has a huge impact, it’s that simple.

Visit the to see the site in action. (Remember it’s still a work in progress, a lot still to do)