About Me

First and foremost I consider myself a photographer, but I'm also at Uni studying Digital Media. This gives me a very unique and extremely useful skill set.

How I can help your business

In addition to providing professional photos and video I can also create everything from animation to graphic and web design.


I have been a full time Photographer since 2015. I don’t specialise in one area, but I have a broad range of experience across most forms of photography.


I’ve completed the animation module for my Uni course. I’ve also created several animations for clients. My main aim is to get some emotion and character into my animations. So many of the ‘cookie cutter’ animations you see a re just so bland.

Play Video


I’ve chosen to show the 4 videos below, because they are very indicative of my style. I like to try and get some emotion, a sense of genuineness into my videos.

Some more information on my videos

How can you show you are good without saying it?

I’ve included my profile video of Kris Casey because it shows her talking about herself and not specifically saying ‘I am great, sell with me’, although it shows she is great at her job, through the story she tells. 

Running with a story

When I interviewed the new Principal, she told me a great story about why she moved her own children to the school. We hear all the time to ‘tell stories’, this video shows why we should. I’m sure you would agree her story ads trust and credibility to the video.

Graphic and Web Design

I've successfully completed my Graphic Design major project at Uni, scoring 95%.

Our Graphic Design module covered all aspects of graphic design, including the core concepts of visual rhetoric, visual metaphors, visual hierarchy and visual rhythm.

Graphic Design Major Project

… is visually interesting and engaging …. You have displayed everything professionally as there is a great sense of balance and visual interest. … There are many creative ideas, particularly the graphics and photographs (your own) and use of layering techniques. … The diagonal aspect of the presented text shows an excellent use of space, which looks clean and uncluttered …. You have also successfully produced significant graphics of your own, using Illustrator techniques confidently. They have been developed and displayed highly effectively using many varied clever ideas. There is a lot of sophisticated skills application and deep thought to using imagery in your brochure. Excellent work!

Uni SA Teaching Staff - High Distinction 95%

Tempo Systems Academy

Created a brochure for Tempo Systems new Junior Development Program. I also created an updated web page to match the the look and feel of the brochure. Moving forward we will roll the new look and feel out across the entire website and all of Tempo’s marketing material.

Axis Computing Branding and Website

Created a look and feel for Axis Computing to be used on the marketing materials and website.